Policy Focus

The objective of the Rye Comprehensive Master Plan will be to answer the following key questions, which will be the organizing concepts of the Plan:

  1. What aspects of Rye should be protected and preserved?
  2. What aspects of Rye should change in order to grow in a manner consistent with the community’s vision?
  3. What community facilities and infrastructure need to be provided in order to accommodate Rye’s existing and future population?
  4. What specific actions need to be implemented to accomplish the above?

The policy focus of the plan is organized around this framework.


What should we preserve?

Marshlands Conservancy

Marshlands Conservancy

Natural and Coastal Resources

What are the key environmental resources and issues related to wetlands, waterbodies and watersheds, floodplains, stormwater management and conservation areas?

What protections are needed around Rye's coastal landscape, including resiliency to climate change and storm impacts?

Rye Meeting House

Rye Meeting House

Historic and Cultural Resources

What are Rye's significant historical assets, including buildings and neighborhoods that should be preserved?

What role do cultural organizations play in defining the local culture? Do these organization have the resources they need to support the community?


How should we grow?

Purchase Street

Purchase Street

Business and Commercial Areas

What are the appropriate development patterns and mix of uses in downtown, office parks, and neighborhood business areas?

Should the city consider potential adjustments to zoning to facilitate
appropriate uses, as well as ways to enhance their attractiveness and functionality.

Senior Housing

Senior Housing


Are there issues that need to be addressed with the existing housing stock, housing demand, neighborhoods and affordability issues? 

What can we do to promote housing that serves a wide range of Rye’s population, including seniors and young families?


What should we provide?

Jay Heritage Center

Jay Heritage Center

Community Facilities

What role to Rye's community facilities and large-scale institutions play in the City's daily life?

Do municipal facilities, public and private schools, senior care centers, or other community resources need resources or improvements?

Disbrow Park

Disbrow Park

Parks and Open Space

What are the key open spaces, public and private recreation areas?

Do these parks and recreation assets meet the community’s needs?


Theodore Fremd Ave

Theodore Fremd Ave


How do existing State, regional and local road networks and public transportation (train and bus), bicycle and pedestrian facilities need to be improved?

Are there potential strategies to promote alternative transportation and to improve safety and function of vehicular circulation?



Are there areas of Rye that experience any deficiencies in the City’s utilities network, including power failures during storm events?

What are the most important issues and needs facing the city's utilities network (e.g., water, sewer, stormwater, solid waste, electric and gas, internet)?


Flood Control

What methods for stormwater management have been most effective in Rye? Are residents generally prepared to prevent, manage and recover from property damage due to flooding?

How can Rye coordinate with nearby municipalities to address regional flooding issues?