Rye CMP at the Sidewalk Sale

As part of the planning process for updating Rye’s Comprehensive Master Plan, the BFJ team attended the Annual Sidewalk Sale on July 27 and 29, 2017 to gain feedback from the public and promote upcoming public meetings and workshops. BFJ along with City staff and members of the task force had a station located at the corner of Elm and Purchase Streets, where they encouraged members of the public to participate in a visioning exercise, gathered contact information and handed out flyers with additional information about the planning process.

Members of the public participated in a variety of ways, including informal conversation with planners, contributing to a “word cloud” visioning exercise and picking up flyers directing them to the Plan’s website. Approximately 20 people answered the question “Where do you see the City in 5-10 years?” on a word cloud designed to generate visioning ideas from the public. A number of respondents also included comments and ideas they had for the City’s Plan, and discussed additional concerns with BFJ representatives.

The next steps in the Comprehensive Planning process involve coordination between the BFJ team and the City to draft chapters of the plan together with the task force. An opening public workshop will be held on September 26 to introduce the process and discuss the public’s vision for Rye’s future.