First Public Workshop for the Rye Plan

As part of the planning process for updating its Comprehensive Master Plan, the City of Rye hosted an opening public workshop September 26, 2017. The workshop was attended by approximately 60 participants, including members of the Task Force, City Council, and the community.

The workshop opened with a presentation by the planning consultants explaining the overall process and objectives for the workshop. Following the presentation, participants were welcomed to rotate through a series of open house stations, which were organized to seek input on goals and objectives for the plan. Participants discussed comparisons with the City’s existing Comprehensive Plan and issues related to preservation, zoning, land use, transportation and many more.

The next steps in the Comprehensive Planning process involve coordination between the consultant and the City to finalize the planning goals and objectives, develop a vision statement and to draft chapters of the plan together with the Task Force. A second public workshop will be held in January to get public input on preliminary recommendations for the Rye Plan.

Public Workshop Presentation

Public Workshop Summary